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91 Purchase St.  
Fall River, MA  

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** Stop in the Pub for an expanded menu that includes additional daily and seasonal specials! **

Holiday & Lenten Specials (fri & sat)


Served with a horseradish sauceStuffed with black beans and cheese
with a salsa verde dipping sauce


- We've stuffed it with pepper jack cheese, topped with sauteed onions & added our special "Boom Boom" sauce for that extra Irish kick. Cooked only to medium, sorry no well done
- Topped of with our special caramelized onions in a Guinness reduction with Swiss cheese
- House made Jameson Irish Whiskey BBQ sauce topped off with cheddar cheese
- w/ your choice of cheese $7.29
- Topped with 3 strips of apple wood bacon and you choice of cheese
- Topped with smoked apple wood bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and onion rings


- Two delicious hot dogs grilled to perfection
- Two hot dogs, wrapped up in cheddar cheese with the good ol' Jameson BBQ sauce
- Two hot dogs Coney Island style


- 6oz of fresh chicken breast on a warm and toasty bun with lettuce and tomato
- 6oz of fresh chicken breast, topped with mouthwatering Jameson BBQ Sauce

Wings of Fire

Fiddler - Light buffalo sauce with a hint of butter
Dooley - Our medium sauce with a pinch of spice
O' Neil - Just enough to make your eyes water
Hibernian - Hot, hot sauce with a bang
Old Wesley - If you dare, St. James special HOT HOT HOT sauce
Jameson BBQ - with a touch of honey
Carlos Murphy - Garlic, Sweet & Spicy w/ hint of Tequila
Asian Sticky - Asian seasoning
Newporter - Touch of Old Bay seasoning
Garlic - Fresh garlic and butter
Buff-Q - combination of BBQ sauce and our dooley sauce

St. James Sides

Hand cut French Fries with a touch of salt.
Sliced potatoes dropped in the fryer, thinner and crispier than any other chip you've ever had
Handmade per order! Beer battered and crisp to perfection


Pepper Jack, Cheddar, American, and Swiss